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FBC Plans for the Future

Building and maintaining a strong customer base is a very important step on the road to success. For the past 12 months Florida Business Consulting has shown dynamic expansion which led to great results.

After moving to its offices in Downtown Miami in 2013, Florida Business Consulting expanded to five more cities around the country: Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, and very soon, Houston. This expansion led to the opening of 10 offices (two in Miami, one in Ft. Lauderdale, one in Orlando, two in Atlanta, two in Dallas, and two in Houston) working on a portfolio of eight different clients in various industries such as telecommunications, non-profit, restaurant, energy, etc...

In August this year we opened our first project in Jacksonville, seeing FBC now operate in 7 states.


Our plans for 2017 are based on diversification of our clients' portfolio and focus on expansion through the United States. Florida Business Consulting's main goal is to have a total of 20 offices in the next 12 months. Optimistic goals for this year are the results of our deep understanding of marketing trends and customers' needs.

Opening 10 more branches would be the next step of the business development team at Florida Business Consulting in order to lay a solid foundation for the start of our global expansion.