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What does Florida Business Consulting actually do?

Florida Business Consulting is the expert in sales. We explore and create new campaigns and growth strategies for our clients that we can put in place through our outsourced sales teams, almost immediately. Our outsourced face to face sales teams provide profitable and successful results to a diverse client base. Industries that benefit from our approach include telecommunications, office products, energy, and retail, amongst others.

Which industries/companies does Florida Business Consulting work with?

We do not want to limit ourselves to a certain sector. Telecommunications is one of the largest industries in the world so we tap into that field, of course. Our client portfolio focuses on commercial and consumer services, but can reach as far as fundraising for charitable organizations.

What is the company motto at Florida Business Consulting?

“Excellence, Integrity, and Fun.”

How could outsourcing to Florida Business Consulting help our company?

Our company helps our clients relate to their customers on a person to person level. A smiling, well-spoken, and professional face is always more engaging and comforting than a letter in the mail.

I’m considering working in direct marketing and sales, what skills do I need?

Student Mentality, Work Ethic, and Integrity. We will teach you everything else you need to know! Contact us at hr@floridabusinessconsulting.net to learn more about our current opportunities.

What should I know about the industry before I decide to pursue an opportunity in direct sales and marketing?

It is full of highly driven, ambitious, sociable, and energetic people. Get ready to be in a very “outspoken” and fast-paced business.

What are the goals for Florida Business Consulting within the upcoming year?

Our company grew 300% in our first year already by opening 2 other locations and acquiring 3 additional clients. Within the next year we can expect to break into a minimum of 3 new markets and double our current portfolio of clients.

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