Florida Business Consulting shares their ultimate body language hacks

Florida Business Consulting shares their ultimate body language hacks

February 24 2017

With first impressions being a one-time-only opportunity, Miami-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Florida Business Consulting have shared their ultimate body language hacks to make you instantly likeable.

Florida Business Consulting shares their ultimate body language hacks

Communication is an essential tool in business, those who are capable of effectively communicating will achieve more in their working careers. Florida Business Consulting is keen to promote the power of body language. With signals and messages being shared all day through body language, the firm highlights their top body language hacks to improve overall communication skills:

Be open to new people: Day-to-day in business it is likely that introduction to new people is inevitable. It makes good sense to approach new relationships positively. Burning bridges before they have been built will prove difficult to repair post event. Consciously display open body language, anything ranging from a handshake to a smile will get you off to a good start.

Stand up straight, and relax: Posture is a great way to demonstrate confidence. By slouching, the message of disinterest, insecurity and dislike of the situation or person is portrayed.

Greet the crowd: By addressing a group on an initial entering of a room, it is showing confidence. Mixed with a healthy dose of eye contact and a smile this will encourage people to mirror behaviors and form a closer, relaxed connection.

Angle yourself towards the person you are speaking to: Avoid angling away from the person you are talking to, as it signifies insecurity or mistrust, angling away sends negative signals.

Florida Business Consulting is a marketing and fundraising company located in Miami. The firm specializes in direct sales and marketing techniques on behalf of their clients’ brands. The firm can connect with consumers one-to-one through face-to-face marketing techniques which allow them to establish long-lasting and personal business connections between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

Often the firm's contractors will ask how they can improve their conversion rates on sales; the firm is confident that with proper attention and discipline, incorporating these body language hacks will offer customers a better level of customer experience, and build trust during customer interactions. The firm is committed to developing additional skills in their contractors, to ensure their clients are offered premier representation.

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