Florida Business Consulting National Conference

Florida Business Consulting celebrate success of HR team

May 05 2016

Rapidly expanding outsourced sales and marketing firm, Florida Business Consulting is celebrating the success of their HR team after they were asked to speak on a nationwide conference call on the back of tremendous recruitment results.

Florida Business Consulting National Conference
As a firm that is consistently looking for the next wave of ambitious and talented individuals to join their company to help take their business forward, recruitment is the backbone of Florida Business Consulting. As a result the firm claims it is pivotal to their success. A good recruitment process that attracts and retains a strong talent pool is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. In a very competitive market, attracting the best people is imperative for business success. “Our people are our business and assembling a strong group of ambitious and talented high-achievers is what helps us to separate ourselves from our competitors, and continue to go from strength to strength

CEO at Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin.

The HR team at Florida Business Consulting was recognized for their phenomenal work in the last few months, by being asked to be guest speakers on a nationwide conference call focusing on recruitment. Florida Business Consulting has had an extremely successful first financial quarter, growing their team and extending their market reach, and the HR team has been the catalyst for that. The firm has a tried and tested three stage recruitment process to ensure they are able to attract the right individuals, and provide them with an insight into what they do, the clients they work with and where they could potentially fit in.

At Florida Business Consulting, they are advocates for providing recognition. The firm argues that showing someone what they do is appreciated and valued goes a long way in creating a positive working environment, and contributes to increased productivity. “It’s always nice to get recognition for your hard work and efforts, and our HR team having the opportunity to share information and pass on tips on a nationwide conference call was awesome. I’m so proud of them for all of their amazing work lately. Those guys are the driving force at Florida Business Consulting and contribute massively to our continued success,” said CEO Eric Martin.

Miami-based direct sales and marketing company, Florida Business Consulting have huge goals for 2016 and their strong HR team will play a huge role in the firm achieving their goals.

Established in 2011, Florida Business Consulting is a privately owned direct sales and marketing company based in Miami, Florida. The firm specializes in customer acquisition through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns. They develop teams of confident, enthusiastic and professional individuals who will help acquire new customers for their clients and help to lead them into new markets, cities and countries.

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