Florida Business Consulting National Conference

CEO at Florida Business Consulting shares his top tips for public speaking

May 06 2016

CEO of direct sales and marketing firm Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin, shares his top tips for public speaking in front of large audiences.

Florida Business Consulting National Conference

CEO of Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin has been chosen as a keynote speaker at a variety of recent events including the Dallas Southwest Leadership Conference in May, where he offered his leadership advice to business leaders from across the Southwest and the upcoming Miami leadership conference which will see over 500 people travel from across the US to attend the important event.

The CEO understands that many business owners feel too nervous to speak at industry and public events, which is why his firm teaches their sales contractors how to conduct themselves at motivational meetings and public speaking engagements.

In a recent article on lifehack.org (‘8 Things Keynote Speakers Do To Deliver A Killer Presentation’) a number of strategies were listed that will help new comers to public speaking deliver a quality presentation. Florida Business Consulting reveals theses strategies below.

State the main points at the beginning, middle and end - to help an audience stay focused, it is important to repeatedly go back to the main point.

Practice - by knowing a speech off by heart will help the speaker feel in control.

Do a run-through on stage beforehand - this is important to make the environment feel familiar.

Don’t use bullet points - people tend to switch off when they see bullet points. An alternative can be an interesting picture with a sentence underneath to catch the interest of the audience.

Don’t speak until you have found your place on stage - this makes you seen confident and in control.

Speak slowly - focus on talking slowly and loudly. This is better for the audience and makes you seem more confident.

Make eye contact - this will make the audience connect more.

Prepare a closing story - the audience will start to lose focus towards the end, so bring them back by closing with an interesting story that relates directly to the main point.

I really enjoy public speaking engagements as it gives me the opportunity to share my experience and industry knowledge with my fellow business leaders,” states Eric Martin. “I also think that it is important to have the necessary skills to feel comfortable when speaking in front of large groups, which is why I happily offer to share my advice to those new to public speaking

added CEO, Eric Martin.

Established in 2011, Florida Business Consulting is a privately owned, direct sales and marketing company in Miami, FL. The firm is responsible for developing management teams in order to lead their clients into new markets, cities and countries. The mission at Florida Business Consulting is to bridge the gap between the product and the consumer with their professional trained team.

Source: http://www.lifehack.org/374373/8-things-keynote-speakers-deliver-killer-presentation-2

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