Rumors surface of potential new client for Florida Business Consulting

Rumors surface of potential new client for Florida Business Consulting

October 04 2017

Miami-based direct marketing and sales specialists Florida Business Consulting have been experiencing phenomenal expansion in recent months, as their client portfolio continues to grow and their market reach expands across the US.

Rumors surface of potential new client for Florida Business Consulting

Rumors began to surface of a potential new client for the direct marketing and sales specialists, and this week Managing Director Eric Martin confirmed that the firm had undertaken a pilot project, with the potential for the acquisition of a new client.

The firm are conducting a four-week test of a business-to-business campaign on behalf of an electronics firm. The growing market is an exciting prospect for Florida Business consulting to enter into, with Mr Martin believing the potential for growth to be phenomenal. Mr Martin has selected a group of the firm’s top employees to carry out the test.

One of the biggest benefits of companies outsourcing their sales and marketing to Florida Business Consulting is their no win no fee structure. “The fact that we only charge clients based on results is a huge advantage, meaning there is no financial risk,” commented Mr Martin. The firm is half way through the test and results have exceeded projections so far. Before Florida Business Consulting launched the pilot project, they carried out extensive research and development, ensuring that the trial would be as efficient as possible, generating accurate results.

“It’s always really exciting to undertake a new project and to venture into a new market. Business-to-Business is a marketing channel we haven’t used for a while, and it’s an entirely new prospect for some of our employees,” commented Mr Martin.

Once the pilot campaign is completed, the firm will submit the data and feedback, and Mr Martin will attend a client meeting to determine whether Florida Business Consulting will win the contract on a permanent basis. “Early results have been extremely positive, and I am confident that we can secure this project permanently,” commented Mr Martin.

Established in 2011, Florida Business Consulting is a privately owned, direct sales and marketing company based in Miami, Florida. The firm specializes in customer acquisition through in-person promotions. The firm develops management teams in order to lead their clients into new markets, cities and countries. The firm have huge growth goals and securing a new client to their ever-growing portfolio would assist them in achieving those goals.

Eric Martin
Managing Director
Florida Business Consulting
(786) 228-9839