Florida Business Consulting reveals the secret to the perfect handshake

Florida Business Consulting reveals the secret to the perfect handshake

August 02 2016

Florida Business Consulting argues that there is often only one chance to make a good impression and for continued professional development purposes, it is extremely worthwhile to consider the approach taken when shaking someone’s hand in business for the first time.

Florida Business Consulting reveals the secret to the perfect handshake

Miami-based sales and marketing firm Florida Business Consulting believe that over 60% of people in business don’t know how to give a proper handshake; so the firm has outlined some tips to correct this as they view a handshake is crucial to making a good first impression. Florida Business Consulting encourage their employees to build networking connections and provide access to regular networking conference calls as well as business seminars and conferences.

A handshake is extremely important for us, as we conduct a lot of face-to-face interactions, with the view of making a killer first impression to all clients. Most of the time our work speaks for itself, but having a confident and sharp way about you – embodied in a good handshake – can also add to your stock.”

said Eric Martin, CEO at Florida Business Consulting.

Indeed, it doesn't matter who the person is, or how much success they’ve had, a lot of first impressions boil down to a few seconds in which we physically connect with someone for the first time through a handshake. This will reveal more about their character than any phone calls, emails, press releases or titles on business cards.

Here, the firm outlines the key characteristics of a perfect handshake:

  • Completeness of grip
  • Temperature
  • Dryness
  • Strength
  • Duration
  • Vigor
  • Texture
  • Eye contact

Research conducted by psychologists at the University of Alabama found that a ‘firm handshake’ evoked personality traits that included a ‘willingness to discuss, and be open to new experiences’. Those with a weak handshake were more likely to show higher levels of shyness and anxiety on their psychological reports (Inc.com).

When shaking hands, Florida Business Consulting recommend facing the person with the body, as it shows openness and a will to listen. Non-verbal communication should not be underestimated and eye contact and smiles should be kept and worn at all times during the shake. The firm also recommend only holding drinks in one hand at a reception to ensure that one hand remains dry before conducting any greetings.

Based in Miami, Florida Business Consulting specializes in bringing brands and consumers closer together through face-to-face marketing. Working on their clients' behalf, the firm conducts thorough market research to pinpoint the most promising markets for their clients' brands. Then, after identifying key consumer groups the firm delivers their clients' campaigns directly to consumers, opening up the opportunity for one-on-one communication. This personalized customer experience helps drive brand loyalty, increases sales and helps consumers to make more confident and informed purchase decisions.


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