Florida Business Consulting hosts networking sessions with international entrepreneurs

Florida Business Consulting hosts networking sessions with international entrepreneurs

JUne 14 2016

CEO at Miami-based Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin, promotes the philosophy that networking plays a massive role in every entrepreneur’s journey to success. Last week the firm hosted a networking session with two international business owners who had flown over from the UK.

Florida Business Consulting hosts networking sessions with international entrepreneurs

Two highly successful business owners from the UK booked their trip to the USA following their success at the 2016 Sales & Marketing Awards Gala, held on May 21st in London. Both business owners who are currently leading the way in direct marketing solutions won big at this year’s ceremony, picking up awards for “Rookie Business Owner of the Year” and “Business Owner of the Year”. Eric Martin of Florida Business Consulting believes it was a valuable experience for his workforce to network with these two award-winning business owners as a way to learn from their experience as well as build a relationship with them.

Following their networking session last week, Florida Business Consulting has outlined the benefits of networking:

1. Shared Knowledge
Networking allows individuals to share ideas and knowledge. It provides an opportunity to discuss different points of view and ask for feedback. It is great for helping to expand knowledge and see things from another perspective.

2. Opportunities
Participating in networking sessions and building a network of fellow professionals will often result in opportunities arising. Opportunities can occur at any time; therefore it is vital to be ready to seize opportunities when they come along.

3. Connections
Networking opens up a connection not just with that person, but also with their network so this can be tremendously beneficial. For example, if someone they know has a need that matches the networker’s business, then there is the chance of a referral.

4. Boost in confidence
Networking can be a daunting prospect for someone that hasn’t done it before. By regularly networking, it pushes individuals to talk to people they don’t know, forcing them outside of their comfort zone, which will help boost confidence. Confidence is incredibly important in business because growth is dependent on talking to people and making connections.

5. Raising your profile
At Florida Business Consulting they promote the importance of regularly attending networking events, and why it’s important to capitalize on every networking opportunity. By regularly attending business and social events, it will result in the person getting noticed. This will help an individual to build their reputation, making them more likely to get leads and referrals.

It was really informative to hear from other business owners in the same industry, and learn all about their experiences. These guys are both at the top of their game and it was super exciting to be able to pick their brains and form new networking connections that span across the globe

said Eric Martin, CEO at Florida Business Consulting

Based in Miami, Florida Business Consulting specializes in bringing brands and consumers closer together through face-to-face marketing. Working on their clients' behalf, the firm conducts thorough market research to pinpoint the most promising markets for their clients' brands. Then, after identifying key consumer groups the firm delivers their clients' campaigns directly to consumers, opening up the opportunity for one-on-one communication. This personalized customer experience helps drive brand loyalty, increases sales and helps consumers to make more confident and informed purchase decisions. At Florida Business Consulting they encourage their employees to build networking connections and provide access to regular networking conference calls as well as business seminars and conferences.

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