Florida Business Consulting Review Claims Entrepreneurs Are Getting Younger

April 15 2016

With reports that entrepreneurs are getting younger, Florida Business Consulting assesses the benefits of starting a business early on in life, and outline why this new trend could come as welcoming news to young people across the country.

Florida Business Consulting is excited to see that entrepreneurship is bucking the trend with the younger generation. With fantastic examples of multi-billion dollar ventures such as Facebook and Snapchat proving success knows no age. The great recession created a sparse job market for the millennial era, prompting them to create their own opportunities. Once an established trend was noted, many Universities developed courses designed to encourage success in entrepreneurship. The Kauffman Foundation reported 5,000 courses surrounding entrepreneurship were available in 2013, a huge increase since 1975 where a mere 100 were available.

The younger generation is believed to be better equipped for a stress-free start up process in terms of external commitments. With those in education tending to say at home to reduce costs and starting families later, it allows a full time commitment to be made to the business venture. With reduced distractions it allows a greater level of engagement due to time constraints. It has been noted that the younger generation have ample examples of huge success being achieved at a young age, which is known to be a huge motivator for success.

As traditional business models change due to a new wave of managers it will open opportunities for those who take a less traditional approach to launching a career. With company culture and brand messages becoming more significant with consumers, companies will source workforces on alternative merits other than educational achievements. By allowing candidates to demonstrate work ethic and promoting their personal brand, companies will achieve long term success by selecting a team based on their ability to match the company’s ethos.

Established in 2011, Florida Business Consulting is a privately owned direct sales and marketing company in Miami, FL. The firm is responsible for developing management teams to lead its clients into new markets, cities and countries. The mission at Florida Business Consulting is to bridge the gap between the product and the consumer with its professional trained team.

The firm offers mentoring opportunities for those looking to develop a lasting career in sales and marketing, regardless of previous experience or education level. The firm prides itself on selecting elite representation for its clients’ campaigns.

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