Florida Business Consulting Facebook Video Content

Florida Business Consulting Reveals How Facebook’s Video Tool is Great for Small Businesses

March 16 2016

With the use of video marketing content rapidly increasing, sales and marketing firm Florida Business Consulting outlines the reasons why small businesses must indulge in Facebook’s new video platform.

Florida Business Consulting Facebook Video Content

Today, small and medium sized businesses make up an important group of customers using the social networking site Facebook. According to a recent online article on fortune.com (Facebook Aims New Video Tool at Small Businesses), there are more than 50 million small businesses with profiles on Facebook, with 3 million of them having spent money on advertisements to be shown on the site - which is up by over 50% from last year. Facebook is a fundamental advertising tool for small businesses wanting to increase their customer base, and because of this, they make up the vast majority of Facebook’s advertisers.

Facebook has recently unveiled a new video tool for small businesses. This tool will enable businesses to create a short introductory video about their brand that will be named "Your Business Story." The tool will let businesses create and upload a photo slide show (with music and text) to show customers what exactly their business is all about.

Sales and marketing firm, Florida Business Consulting believes that this will be a very useful tool for small businesses. Facebook users are watching 8 billion videos per day and more than 1.5 million small businesses upload videos on Facebook every month, so the use of video content will be essential as businesses are wanting to keep in touch with their customers. Florida Business Consulting states that online video is fast becoming a significant way for customers to satisfy their information needs, and if small businesses ignore this, and don’t indulge in video content, then they will soon fail to reach their target audience.

Florida Business Consulting is a privately owned direct sales and marketing firm, based in Miami, FL. The firm creates strategically designed marketing campaigns that promote their clients’ brands to customers, through in-person promotions, and have the ability to lead their clients into new markets, cities, and even countries. The firm uses Facebook to engage with clients about the services that they can offer – to increase customer acquisitions through a cost-effective and result-driven method.

Florida Business Consulting believes that video marketing content is the future for small businesses. One no longer needs to be a technical wizard to work out how to use video and with apps such as Twitter’s Vine, small businesses (even on a limited budget) have no excuse not to indulge.

Source: http://fortune.com/2016/03/02/facebook-small-business-video/

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