Florida Business Consulting Dallas Competition

Florida Business Consulting Announces Winner of March Madness Competition

April 5 2016

Entrepreneur and CEO at Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin, announced the winner of the firm’s March Madness competition this afternoon. He shared the details of the exclusive trip and what the winner can expect as they accompany him on a business trip to Dallas, Texas.

Florida Business Consulting Dallas Competition

Rising star at the firm, Rafael Gonzales, fought off tough competition as it was extremely close and came down to the wire, with six people still in the running going into the final week. But contest winner, Rafael Gonzales, can now look forward to accompanying Eric Martin on his trip to Dallas, Texas when he flies out to attend a business conference in the city next month.

At Florida Business Consulting, they believe that competition is necessary for business success, and it is for this reason that they regularly run competitions such as the March Madness one, for their representatives. Competition provides an incentive and gives people something to work towards and focus on. It can be easy for people to rest on their laurels and become stagnant, but competition can bring a fresh challenge to inspire and motivate. Florida Business Consulting promotes its ability to motivate and inspire budding entrepreneurs, and advises and guides them to become successful businessmen and businesswomen. The firm argues that the key to keeping people motivated is providing recognition. The competition winners aren’t simply drawn from a ballot; it is based on their hard work, efforts, and results. Therefore those who are putting in the biggest effort have the best chance of winning.

Eric Martin decided on the trip to Dallas, Texas as it will be a chance for Rafael Gonzales to attend a regional meeting, and the opportunity to interact and network with sales and marketing professionals from all over the US. Eric Martin believes that travel is a key element in assisting budding entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journey as it allows them to experience new environments and build their professional network.

We are a company that operates in an incredibly competitive market. Competition is healthy, it is what keeps people on their toes and keeps them innovating and performing at a consistently high level. A competitive spirit and winning mentality is vital for success in all aspects of life. Every time we run these types of competitions, productivity increases,

CEO at Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin.

Based in Miami, Florida Business Consulting specializes in bringing brands and consumers closer together through face-to-face marketing. After identifying key consumer groups the firm deliver its clients' campaigns direct to consumers, opening up the opportunity for one-on-one communication. This personalized customer experience helps drive brand loyalty, increases sales, and helps consumers to make more confident and informed purchase decisions. Florida Business Consulting believes that competition can be the catalyst for success and the results they achieve from competitions such as the March Madness contest is confirmation of the impact competition can have.

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