Florida Business Consulting host companywide workshop to boost confidence

Florida Business Consulting host companywide workshop to boost confidence

November 24 2017

Miami-based outsourced sales and marketing specialist, Florida Business Consulting, regard confidence as one of the most influential traits for someone to achieve success, and this past week the firm held a companywide workshop on the subject.

Florida Business Consulting host companywide workshop to boost confidence

Managing Director, Eric Martin believes that confidence is one of the most valuable traits in business and it is something that needs to be instilled in someone to fulfil their potential.

Mr Martin arranged a companywide workshop this past week, with the objective to boost confidence and help the firm's workforce to push forward towards individual progress.

1. Body language

Florida Business Consulting believes that body language is very underrated. The firm released a press article earlier this year sharing its ultimate body language hacks. Mr Martin argues that body language can demonstrate self-assuredness, or reveal insecurity. At Florida Business Consulting, the firm encourages their professionals to present themselves in a way that portrays confidence. A simple body language trick for some to illustrate confidence is to hold their head up high, sit up straight with their shoulders back, maintain eye contact and vitally have a firm handshake. “When you act the part, eventually you’ll start to feel confident and in control,” commented Mr Martin.

2. Dress to impress

“When you look good, you feel good, it’s that simple,” commented Mr Martin. One of the things Florida Business Consulting promote is dressing for success, urging its workforce to look to the future and dress for the role they want. Florida Business Consulting believes that clothes are an easy but extremely effective way to make someone feel good and automatically boost self-esteem.

3. Be prepared

There is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare; you are preparing to fail.” Mr Martin believes that preparation is the key to confidence. “The more prepared someone is then, the more confident they will be in their ability to get things done.” At Florida Business Consulting the firm urges aspiring professionals to learn everything they can about their industry which will inspire confidence to improve results.

4. Think & act positively

Florida Business Consulting contends that a positive mind generates positive results. One of the first things the direct sales and marketing specialist teaches people is how

to achieve a positive attitude and how to safeguard it when things are going wrong. “Those with a glass half full mentality will always see the positive in every situation, and that attitude will inspire them to get positive results,” commented Mr Martin.

Florida Business Consulting specializes in bringing brands and consumers closer together through face-to-face marketing. The firm is committed to developing contractors, helping them to progress their futures in the industry while simultaneously taking the business forward.

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